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  1. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:36
    What is Black Box in Machine Learning?

    When trying to delve deeper into machine learning, you often come across the metaphor of a “black box”. At the same time, there are a lot of conjecture and confusing definitions about this concept, so it’s quite hard to figure out what’s really going on.

    So, let's break down what does a black box in machine learning mean, what situations black box models work best for, and what issues may be connected with this concept.
  2. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:35
    Why do you need to adopt a LIMS in your laboratory?

    Facing various industrial challenges, healthcare organizations are actively integrating advanced medical software solutions into their workflow. With the optimization of each internal process, they manage to cut costs, automate various tasks, provide efficient financial accounting, minimize paperwork, and reduce human errors.

    A laboratory is the core of any medical institution. Sample management, inventory monitoring, report generation, data exchange, and many other things are carried out here.
  3. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:34
    How to develop LIMS for your laboratory in 5 simple steps

    Today laboratory information management systems (LIMS), along with a number of other scientific and technological advances, are being widely used in labs. By integrating a modern LIMS, you will greatly simplify processes such as laboratory research, sample tracking, reporting, inventory tracking, task monitoring, and more.

    It's not surprising that more and more organizations—hospitals, pharmacies, biotech companies, universities, etc.—are adopting LIMS solutions. This is clear by the steadily growing amounts of money that are spent on LIMS development every year. According to Statista, by 2021 it will exceed $ 900 million.
  4. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:33
    How to get the best results with a LIMS reporting system

    LIMS e-reporting is one of the most important parts of any lab information management system and one of the key benefits that encourage companies to use it. Over the past few years, LIMS software has become in high demand by many research institutions, healthcare providers, and other organizations around the world.
  5. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:32
    LIMS facts and ideal applications you need to know

    Today various healthcare companies and scientific institutions use laboratory management systems (LIMS) in their workflows. There are many processes where you can apply LIMS software. They include sample registration and monitoring, inventory tracking, data storage, and a lot more. For example, you can employ LIMS to analyze the efficacy of new medicines or research outcomes.
  6. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:31
    Ruby vs Python Performance

    When it comes to picking the technology stack, sometimes it’s challenging to define a programming language that will fully suit your goals. Frequently, the primary requirements for the future system are to ensure scalability, high performance, and resilience to peak loads.

    Discussing characteristics of different tools, our software engineers concluded that today there are two programming languages that fit the above-mentioned needs—Ruby and Python.
  7. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:30
    Ruby vs Java

    If you are going to build a website or web application, you should take into account various issues such as hiring a software development company, defining the project goal, and preparing a software requirements document. Another important question is how to pick the right tech stack. In this article, we’ve compared Ruby and Java programming languages to help you understand, which of them will fully meet your needs.
  8. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:29
    The future of Virtual Reality: 6 VR applications that bring fantastic opportunities

    People have dreamed about the widespread adoption of VR solutions for years. Being able to simulate real-life experiences, this innovative technology is gaining high popularity. According to Statista, now there are over 171 million VR users worldwide.

    In this article, we will answer the following questions:

    What is the future of VR in business?
    What are the most interesting applications of Virtual Reality?
    How to use Virtual Reality to take advantage?
    What are Virtual Reality future predictions?
  9. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:28
    Startup development research: How to raise money for your startup?

    Successful startup launch is a challenging and ambitious goal. Everyone dreams about producing an innovative solution, taking on a niche in the market, generating income, and transforming a small company into a multinational corporation.

    However, only a few survive. Statistics Brain reports that in the USA over 50% of startups fail just after four years. There are numerous factors that can affect the future of your business, such as an idea, value proposition, proof-of-concept, startup development strategy, working capital, employees, investors, promotion channels used, and marketing strategy. Therefore, learning the ins-and-outs of raising money for a startup will help you run a profit-making organization.
  10. Dan_D
    2020-06-18 17:27
    How to automate customer service with RPA software solutions

    In today’s competitive environment, companies worldwide are struggling to speed up workflow, enhance customer satisfaction, cut costs, and boost employees’ productivity. Ideally, they want this done through the use of cost-efficient solutions. However, how to ensure high-quality customer service and generate profit? What things should you change? The integration of RPA software is one of the best ways to accomplish these goals.

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