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Forum: Studentforum 2020-12-19, 12:49
Svar: 1
Visningar: 35
Postat av hojoos
About Bookmakers bonuses

There is a multitude of bonuses on the Internet, and the welcoming bonus is definitely the most common incentive to encourage players to create a betting account. Practically every single online...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-12-12, 09:23
Svar: 1
Visningar: 44
Postat av hojoos
Safety online is a very acute question. Many...

Safety online is a very acute question. Many women start online dating mistakenly thinking they are well protected sitting in front of the screen. But it is not true. Many scammers may find you on...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-12-04, 16:19
Svar: 2
Visningar: 40
Postat av hojoos
Students spread the word about studying at ITC

You know something is good when people rave about it, recommend it, and shout about it from the rooftops.

Thankfully, that’s exactly how a lot of students talk about ITC to their friends!

Over the...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-11-28, 10:09
Svar: 3
Visningar: 86
Postat av hojoos
I still believe it should be parents who would...

I still believe it should be parents who would tell the teens about dating and sex. No matter how awkward it may be. It is the adult who dictates the mood and atmosphere. If you talk about it in a...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-10-29, 08:10
Svar: 3
Visningar: 155
Postat av hojoos
All about studying and teaching

More than 4,500 students at the faculty
In the winter semester 2018/ 2019, 4,507 students are studying at the Faculty of Business and Economics - including 510 international students. A total of...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-10-25, 08:20
Svar: 5
Visningar: 182
Postat av hojoos
Thanks for writing this post. You did the right...

Thanks for writing this post. You did the right thing. This is not only useful for me, but also for hundreds of students like me. I hate writing all these essays and writing assignments. I believe...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-10-19, 11:44
Svar: 2
Visningar: 144
Postat av hojoos
Hi, I managed to talk to a student who received a...

Hi, I managed to talk to a student who received a prestigious education and has considerable experience of living abroad. She shared her story with me. The girl talked about how to prepare for...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-09-01, 02:44
Svar: 2
Visningar: 161
Postat av hojoos
Hej. Bra anmärkning. Jag tror att du fortfarande...

Hej. Bra anmärkning. Jag tror att du fortfarande behöver bekräftelse från experterna för att vara säker på din artikel. Denna webbplats kan ge sina...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-08-30, 15:36
Svar: 0
Visningar: 139
Postat av hojoos
things you need to know about traveling with a brain injury

My first big trip after my TBI was three years post accident, and I was terrified. Traveling is exhausting for a person without a brain injury, so it’s ten times more exhausting for someone with one....
Forum: Studentforum 2020-08-27, 08:26
Svar: 1
Visningar: 181
Postat av hojoos
I have to admit that I have been dating several...

I have to admit that I have been dating several ladies on a dating site once, you could try here ( It was not done intentionally. The thing is I...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-08-17, 17:44
Svar: 3
Visningar: 243
Postat av hojoos
Why it's important and how you can help

Your students’ college essay is their opportunity to reveal their best qualities and to show an admission committee what makes them stand out from other applicants. Work with your students to help...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-08-16, 22:31
Svar: 2
Visningar: 219
Postat av hojoos
What is ethereum?

Ethereum is a digital platform which allows people to build a range of decentralised applications.

These applications can include security programs, voting systems and methods of payment. Like...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-05-19, 00:09
Svar: 4
Visningar: 3 936
Postat av hojoos
Hello to all forum users. I can not do the task,...

Hello to all forum users. I can not do the task, I was looking for an answer on all sites, including different forums. But the solution that I find did not fit, writes that "The program throws an...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-05-15, 18:22
Svar: 4
Visningar: 3 432
Postat av hojoos
Punctuation marks have always puzzled me in...

Punctuation marks have always puzzled me in English. I am from Sacramento zip code location. And I still have some uncertainties when it comes to a comma in the sentence. And what embarrasses me most...
Forum: Studentforum 2020-02-14, 11:11
Svar: 5
Visningar: 699
Postat av hojoos
Good evening guys.

Good evening guys. I ordered a lecture and presentation at, the topic is rather complicated, the economy at the enterprise, the guys did everything just super and very...
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