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Standard Color Bounce Game

Color Bounce takes elements of the popular Color Switch and adds a new level of gameplay and challenge. Play Color Bounce Game game wings io

If you thought Color Switch was trick, wait until you try Color Bounce! You literally wont be able to stop playing this game - it is that addictive! In Color Bounce you must control two sets of paddles (much like super breakout or pong) and bounce a colored ball between them both.

While this might sound simple, the ball changes color and you must match the color of the ball with the color of your paddles! For example, if the ball is currently purple, you must bounce it using the purple paddles.

You start with only one color, but mode paddles are added with different colors, and the ball begins to change color too! This game requires extremely quick reactions and concentration. Can you master the color bounce and keep the ball moving?
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