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Gammal 2020-09-15, 23:04
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Standard Driving away mice: That's why live traps make more sense than poison baits

Once mice have made themselves comfortable in your home, you won't get rid of the little rodents. Even so, poison baits are the worst possible way to scare away mice - you can find out why here.

According to Mice Control Toronto experts especially in the cold winter months (but also throughout the year), many mice get lost in cellars and living rooms, looking for food and shelter. However, your visit will not go unnoticed for long: at the latest when you discover the first traces of excrement or smear, food is eaten or you are woken up by night noises from the pantry, you can be sure that the little rodents in your home are enjoying themselves . The problem with this is that mice reproduce very quickly, contaminate your food and gnaw on cables - causing expensive damage. Nevertheless, you should not kill the animals, but catch them alive. Which traps and home remedies are best for driving mice away and why to stay away from poison baits

Secret visitors: How to recognize the mouse infestation

Mouse droppings can be seen very well: the rodents spread the small black droppings everywhere they walk. When these are still fresh, they have a soft consistency - however, after a few days the poop will be harder and crumble if you should touch it. If you only discover the mouse droppings after a few weeks, it is already rock hard. Whenever you want to find out how soft or hard the droppings are, be sure to always put on gloves first.

Alternatively, so-called smear marks indicate a mouse infestation: This is a visible trace made up of body fat and dirt particles from the rodents. It also occurs on the daily walking routes that mice regularly use. If you follow the smear trail, you may even find the animals' nest. Here's setting up a live trap particularly useful - and usually leads to a successful result very quickly.

Mice gnaw on pretty much anything, not just food like bread, fruit, nuts or bacon. They also eat their way through plastic, cardboard or wood to get to their destination. But why do you find bite marks on cables? In fact, the rodents use insulation for dental care, as their teeth grow for a lifetime and by chewing solid objects, they stay sharp and short. For this reason, gnawed cables are also an important indicator of a mouse infestation.
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