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Gammal 2021-03-01, 19:24
Allen Arnold Allen Arnold är inte uppkopplad
Reg.datum: Jan 2021
Inlägg: 25
Standard Dhardingsea Giveaway Games Minion Masters

About Dhardingsea

Known by many names; Aegisage, Shaman, Monkey Almost 30, Loud, And always Gayming. Dota 2, Moba's in general are my style! Give me anything for healing, magic, or supporting a team. Im for it! #DHSeaStream #Dota #Warcraft #Overwatch #CoDMW

Name is Donnie; I am from a little town in Iowa. I have played video games as a way to cope from the stress of the world. Give me some RPG's on a PS1 and I'm set. You could use bits, or subs, but this way you get something for home and still support the channel.

If your looking for the best most comfortable fit while you game, get a comfy here! I will send you via Discord or Email a Selfie! Have your Donation get you a smiling face to show who your supporting. Ask for cat photos!
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